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False Employment Reports

false employment report fix credit report problems

What is an Employment Report?

When people think of fair credit laws, they only think of credit reports from the Big Three agencies. But the law also protects consumers from inaccurate reports sold to their employers. Employers are using consumer reports to screen job applicants and make promotion decisions. These reports are referred to as employment reports, background checks or background screening reports. They contain info about past work history, criminal record history, public records, etc.

What rights do consumers have against false employment reports??

Consumers can requires that reports meet standard of max possible accuracy. They can also requires CRAs to give consumers notification when an employment report contains negative info or make sure the info is up to date. You can be notified of being denied a job or if it is being terminated due to reports. This allows consumers to dispute inaccurate information in a report.

What should I do if I am the subject of an inaccurate employment report??

There are many screening agencies out there. They are constantly changing but no matter who they are they must follow the laws under the FCRA.

What should I do if I am the subject of an inaccurate employment report??

If you have errors in your background check, call the Law Firm of Subhan Tariq. We handled many cases that involved consumers who went through any type of credit frauds.

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