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Consumer Laws

Consumer Laws

All companies must adhere to the rules listed below. If they violate any of these rules, you may be able to sue them and collect money for damages.
If you believe any of your rights have been violated, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Contact us now.

Electronic Funds Transfer Act

This act enacted the rules that provide full disclosure about the policies consumers could face when using ATMs and online payment systems.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

This law allows us to be on top of our credit reports by providing us free copies every year, and also giving us the power to dispute any errors on it.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

This act protects us from debt collectors and their unethical practices, giving us the peace of mind we deserve.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act

This law enables us to have the power over who can call us and when preventing companies from autodialing our numbers to annoy us.

Truth-in-Lending Act

This act requires lenders to be more transparent with their terms and conditions, preventing us from being surprised later on.

IIf you’re unsure whether a creditor or marketer is violating a law, get in touch with us for a free case review.

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