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Common Credit Report Errors

1 in 5 Americans has a mistake on their credit report
Credit report errors are quite common and might be extraordinarily harmful and damaging, making life extraordinarily troublesome.

Five Common Credit Report Errors

  1. Outdated Info– CRAs pull info from different databases while using their own databases, which they may update at completely different times
  2. Clerical Errors– terribly common; confirm the details of your accounts on your credit reports are accurate
  3. Mistaken or Merged Accounts– many times your info could also be mixed up with another person’s because of an identical name or address; ensure all the accounts listed on the credit report are your accounts
  4. Identity Theft– extraordinarily vital to examine your credit report to guarantee all the accounts listed are ones you have opened, and not some other person
  5. Background Check Errors and Employment Report Errors– associated with the primary 3 errors, and might be the most damaging

Disputing Errors

  • Important to correct any mistakes as soon as possible
  • Contact the company that issued the report
  • Write a credit report dispute letter to the company; they’ll respond within thirty days, and if the errors are verified to be a slip-up, it should be updated
  • Keep sensible records of all contact with the credit reporting company
  • If you have tried to dispute errors and agencies don’t seem to be correcting it, you may be entitled to damages

If you have tried to correct these errors, but the big agencies will not adhere to your requests, you may be entitled to damages. Contact us now for a free case review.

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